Guest blog: 草莓拿鐵 – Strawberry Latte

I asked my dear friend Sheridan to guest blog for me! She ended up getting something from Family Mart instead of 7/11, but this drink is practically identical to the strawberry latte at 7/11. Here’s her take on the strawberry latte:
Upon perusing through the drink aisle at Family Mart, I discovered brown rice milk, soybean milk, green bean milk and a variety of dairy drinks unintelligible to me. I almost went for the peanut milk, but then realized that it was just soybean milk that had peanuts displayed on the carton. Crisis averted! Instead of being adventurous and choosing a wacky flavor,  I chose the Family Mart brand strawberry latte.
Seeing as strawberry is my favorite flavor, I had high expectations. Unfortunately, the beverage was a bit thin instead of thick and frothy and had a strong artificial flavor, kind of like cereal milk after finishing a bowl of Special K with freeze dried strawberries. I have no doubt that a child would highly enjoy this treat, but alas, I am a WOMAN. I even drank it through a straw which tends to make beverages taste better, but I guess even my plastic liquid transfer device failed me in the end.
In all honesty, it was ok. I probably wouldn’t get it again.

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