Dr Milker 拿鐵咖啡 – Latte Coffee



Dr. Milker. What an interesting drink company name. I thought I was just getting a latte, but I think this is actually a latte mixed with coffee from how I interpreted the taste!

The bottle is nice. My favorite color is green so I was drawn check it out once my eyes glossed over it! It’s also a glass bottle…lately I’ve been having a glass bottle spree I feel like. Which means I’m spending more money on drinks! 😛 This one was 40元  and is apparently “premium choice” according to the bottle.

It tasted quite good. Maybe because its made from quality beans like the bottle suggests. It also says 50% fresh milk, which I’m not sure means only half of the milk in this is fresh or if 50% of the drink is fresh milk. Either way, I liked it.

It’s sweet but not too sweet. The coffee taste is still here which gives a slight bitter taste. It kind of made me thirsty after I drank it.

Would I get it again? I would! Like the bottle says, I did feel joy at each moment haha. It was really yummy. The caffeine was just about right for me too. I’m the type that is immune to tea now, so this was enough to keep me awake for an extra hour. I can’t wait to try the other Dr. Milker drinks! I think its better than Bernachon and on par with Pure Collection Drinks.

Until next time,



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